2017 Arts, Cultural & Services Awards

Halliwell's Music Awards – Haliwell's Music Trophy Yani Remoto

Lynette Morris Vocal Scholarship – Lynette Morris Vocal Trophy James Weir 

Excellence in Performance Art Year 13 – Natasha Tsao Trophy  James Weir 

Instrumental Achievement – Lynette Pacey Cup Ada Van Riemsdijk

Musicianship – Vera Mortimer Cup Sarah Bird

Outstanding Effort in Music – JE Mortimer Challenge Cup Yani Remoto

Welsh McCarthy Junior Music AwardChelsea Kumeroa

Music Band Participation – Farrington Cup Yani Remoto 

Progress in Concert Band – Pittams Cup Liam Finer

Sound and Lighting Services – White Cup Tamaari Kupe-King 



Most dedicated Kapahaka member – Mahara Oku Aroha Award Jordan Waller

Maori Culture

Contribution to Maori Culture – Hoani Papita Award Reihana Burton-Nelson


Excellence in Speaking or Drama – Elder Cup  

Year 13 Speech Winner – Normanby and Mount View Lions Club Speech Award 

Overall Winner Senior Speech Award – Wallis Cup 

Literary and Debating – Literary and Debating Cup Sasha Finer 

Year 10 Speech Award Winner – Nicholas Family Cup Niall Clancy

Year 9 Speech Winner – Larkman Cup Noah Fortuin


Cultural Achievement

Excellent Cultural Achievement Year 10 Boy – Hawera High School Plaque Te Kiri King

Excellent Cultural Achievement Year 10 Girl – Hawera High School Plaque Chelsea Kumeroa

Excellence in Performance Art Year 10 – Natasha Tsao Trophy Chelsea Kumeroa

Excellent Cultural Achievement Year 9 Boy – Hawera High School Plaque Noah Hunt

Excellent Cultural Achievement Year 9 Girl – Hawera High School Plaque Angelisa Hanikawhe

Excellence in Performance Art Year 9 – Natasha Tsao Trophy Noah Hunt



Citizenship Cup: Positive contribution to school and community - Landers Family Cup Bridgette Chisnall / Alexander Murphy (Year 12 / 13)  

Good Citizenship in Year 9 – Chapman Cup Noah Hunt

Effort & Achievement

Effort and Achievement – Ainsley Luscombe Cup Chas Burton-Nelson

Student Welfare

Contribution to student welfare – Hawera High School Award Lydia White

Sports Council

Most dedicated member of Sports Council – Hawera High School Cup Lydia White

2017 Leadership Awards

Head Boy – Hawera High School Plaque James Weir

Head Girl – Hawera High School PlaqueZoe Williamson

Board of Trustees Student Representative – Kaye Cleaver Cup Bridgette Chisnall

House Leadership Boys – Griffith Wills Cup 

House Leadership Girls – Connie Signal Cup Zoe Williamson

Outstanding Maori Student – Des Forges Cup Te Kiri King

Leadership in Peer Support – Clark-Johnson Cup Madison Hikaka / James Weir

Contribution to Year 13 Spirit – Hawera High School Prefects Award Laura Harrop

2017 Sporting Awards
Dux Ludorum Boy – Gordon Smart Cup Steven Wereta

Dux Ludorum Girl – Colleen Patterson Cup Kelly-Anne Foskin

Excellent Sporting Achievement Year 10 Boy – Hawera High School Plaque Tyler Campbell / Niall Clancy

Excellent Sporting Achievement Year 10 Girl – Hawera High School Plaque Rhiannon Tito

Excellent Sporting Achievement Year 9 Boy – Hawera High School Plaque Pawhare Packer

Excellent Sporting Achievement Year 9 Girl – Hawera High School Plaque Lara Hockly

Outstanding Team Achievement – Troy Death Memorial Cup Indoor Bowls Pair Nicole Bennett / Todd Soothill


Commitment and Fair Play – Hayden Bourke Memorial Cup Leroy Gwynn


Year 9 Sports Participation – Harris Taylor Cup Seree Coombe


Senior Boys' Champion – Brunette Cup Zach Chapman

Senior Girls' Champion – Bennett and Sutton Cup Sharlaye Bardsley

Intermediate Boys' Champion – Hallenstein Bros Cup Todd Soothill

Intermediate Girls' Champion – Newell Cup Faith Araba

Boys' Junior Sports Champion – Dickie Cup Bailey Royal  

Junior Girls' Champion – Old Girl's Association Cup Lara Hockly

Excellence in Athletics – Lund Cup  Faith Araba

Most Improved Athlete – Hawera High School Trophy Alana Ryan

Boys' 3000m – Greenhill Cup Niall Clancy

1500m Walk – Arnold Lloyd CupTe Poutokomanawa Kupe-King

Girls' 800m Walk – Harrop Cup Ella Jordan


Most Valuable Player Boys' A Team – Hawera High School Cup Zach Chapman

Most Valuable Player Girls' A Team – Hawera High School Cup Ellie Hurley-Langton 

Junior Basketball Most Valuable Player Boy – Hawera High School Certificate Michael Hipp

Junior Basketball Most Valuable Player Girl – Hawera High School Cup Abbie Holmes


Most Valuable Player in HHS 1st XI – Baker Trophy Shaun Fowler

Most Improved Player 1st XI Cricket Boy – Johnson Cup James Tairawhiti

Most Improved Player not in 1st XI –  Hebdon Shield Ronan Taylor 

Best Player in Year 9 – Midget Cup Jack Fowler

Cross Country

Senior Boys' Champion – Norton Cup Lachlan Gilbert

Senior Girls' Champion – Hawera Harrier Club Plate Sharlaye Bardsley

Intermediate Boys' Champion – Hawera Harrier Cup Niall Clancy

Intermediate Girls' Champion – Mason Cup Mya Watkins

Junior Boys' Champion – Hawera Harrier Cup Kryton Wallis

Girls' Junior X Country Champion – Brewer Plate Seree Coombe


Most Outstanding Player Boys' Football – Mike Brisco Photography Trophy Lachlan Gilbert

Most Outstanding Player Girls' Football – Rennie Trophy Kirstyn Collins

Most Valuable Player Boys' Football – Rennie Trophy Lachlan Gilbert

Most Valuable Player Girls' Football – Horton Trophy Kirstyn Collins

Most Outstanding Contribution to Boys' Football – Hawera High School Trophy Finn Hardy

Most Outstanding Contribution to Girls' Football – Hawera High School Trophy Shawnie Price

Improvement and Contribution to Junior Football – Melrose Trophy Mason Wishnowsky

Most Outstanding Contribution to Junior Football – Hawera High School Trophy Michael Hipp


Best Gross Score – Bevan Fleming Cup Blake Symes

Best Stableford Points – Hawera High School Golf Championship Rosebowl Joshua Symes


Outstanding Contribution to Girls' Hockey – Webby Trophy Kelly-Anne Foskin

Most Valuable Player Girls' 1st XI – Harvie Trophy Sharlaye Bardsley

Most Improved Player Girls 1st XI   Nikki Wester

Best Player in Year 9 Girl – Hawera High School Cup Madeline Pick


Most Valuable Player in the Senior A Team – Brewer Trophy Atalia Coombe

Most Improved Player in A Team – Centennial Cup Jenna Dodunski

Most Valuable Player in Year 12 – Brewer Cup Briana Poingdestre

Most Valuable Player in Year 11 – Adine Harper Trophy Ellie Hurley-Langton

Most Valuable Player in Year 10 – Adine Harper Trophy Charlee Poingdestre

Most Valuable Player in Year 9 A Team – Midget Cup Lara Hockly / Mihi Ngeru


1st XV Player of the Year – Emerson Rangi Memorial Trophy

Most Improved Player 1st XV – Bruce Dunlop Memorial Cup Hamish Edgcombe

Best First Year Player in 1st XV – Lee Marshall Memorial Cup Matthew Ropiha

Most Dedcated and Hardworking Forward – Michael Bent Cup Troy Fowler 

Most Dedicated Player in Girls' 1st XV – Hawera High School Trophy Jacqui Smith 

Most Improved Player in Girls' 1st XV – Halliwells Trophy Jayahzuria Kershaw

Most Promising Junior in Girls' 1st XV – Hawera High School Trophy Nadya Weston-Jacobson

Best Player in Year 9 Boy – Midget Cup Pawhare Packer

Team Spirit – Brendon McBride Memorial Trophy

Rugby League 

Player of the Year – Hawera High School Trophy

Best Back – Hawera High School Trophy

Best Forward – Hawera High School Trophy


South Taranaki RSA ANZAC Shield Tenneile Crump-Conchie


Player of the Season Boy – Hawera High School TrophyToby Stratton

Player of the Season Girl – Hawera High School TrophyAbbie Holmes

Most Improved Boy – Hawera High School TrophyCorbin Nelley

Most Improved Girl – Hawera High School TrophyKayla Ryan


Senior Boys' Champion – Kelly Fleming Cup Hamish Lane

Senior Boys' Champion – HASC Cup Hamish Lane

Senior Girls' Champion – LA Bone Cup Zoe Williamson

Intermediate Boys' Champion – Des Forges Cup Steven Wereta

Intermediate Girls' Champion – Tarrant Cup Xanthe Wallis

Junior Boys' Champion – Buist Cup Pawhare Packer

Junior Girls' Champion – Old Girl's Association Cup Georgia Hoskin


Senior Boys' Singles Champion – Langridge CupJames Weir

Senior Girl's Singles Champion – Dickie CupJorja Phillips

Junior Boys' Singles Champion – Graham Green CupSam Landers

Junior Girls' Singles Champion – Hawera High School CupKayla Ryan

Touch Rugby

Player of the Year – Sarah Dunlop Cup


Senior Boys' Champion – Simmons Cup Tamaari Kupe-King

Senior Girls' Champion – Ardene Spittal Cup

Winning Mixed Senior Team – Jacinta Harrison Trophy   Zoe Williamson / Joel Williamson / Linaya Wereta

Winning Mixed Junior Team – Jacinta Harrison Certificate  Emma Bower / Devon Towers / Wyatt Edgcombe

Junior Boys' Champion – Hawera High School TrophyNiall Clancy

Junior Girls' Champion – Hawera High School TrophyKate Mackay