Hawera High School is a uniform school and we promote the wearing of our uniform with pride. Argyle Schoolwear, is our main provider of school uniform. They supply all new uniform items through the ArgyleOnLine website. Please refer to the Uniform Policy, Uniform Checklist Forms and ArgyleOnLine Ordering Instructions for further details in the resource links.



Parents/Caregivers will find this system quick, easy and efficient to use. You will be able to pay by credit or debit card, direct credit, cheque or request a WINZ quote. They also have an option using Zip as an interest free payment option, minimum spend $30 (see more information on their website). Orders are delivered directly to your home, unless stated otherwise, and the Customer Service Team is available on 0800 11 00 59 to answer any queries you may have. ArgyleOnLine also have ‘Live Chat’ available so their operators can assist while you are online



The Hawera High School Uniform Shop stocks a range of uniform sizes for fitting purposes only. As a service for parents/caregivers, Argyle Schoolwear is holding fitting days in January prior to the school year beginning.

Monday, 11 January 2021 - 10am - 2:30pm

Tuesday, 12 January 2021 - 10am - 2:30pm

Please contact the school if you believe your child is outside the normal size range (smaller or bigger) and may require a specially made or adjusted uniform item or if you require a quote for WINZ


Parents/Caregivers are not obliged to attend the fitting days. You can order and pay for your child’s uniform items through ArgyleOnLine, at school on a fitting day, or at your own convenience. 


Please ensure you leave enough time for payments to clear and orders to be delivered (2-5 working days after payment), before school returns. If your child does not have the correct uniform to wear when school returns, they may not be able to attend classes until such time as they are in the correct uniform. 




The Hawera High School Uniform Shop is located in Dixon Block and is open during term time on the below days and hours. The Hawera High School Uniform Shop will continue to supply Year 12 and Year 13 Blazers, as well as Ties, Scarfs, Caps, Brim Hats, Boys and Girls Socks and Football, Hockey and Rugby Sport Socks. These, and some second-hand uniform items can be purchased using cash, eftpos or cheque.

If you experience any issues regarding uniform items please contact ArgyleOnLine in the first instance or the Hawera High School Uniform Shop as soon as possible.


Tuesdays 8.00am-9.00am

Wednesdays 1.30pm-2.10pm

Thursdays 3.10pm-4.10pm



Parents/Caregivers are also reminded that if your child is leaving the school, or has outgrown their current uniform, the Hawera High School Uniform Shop may purchase any second-hand uniforms that are in good condition. Students who have purchased a School Blazer can also have the pocket and crest replaced with a plain pocket if you intend to keep the blazer.

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