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Mathematics is the exploration and use of patterns and relationships in quantities, space and time. Statistics is the exploration and use of patterns and relationships in data. These two disciplines are related, but they present different ways of thinking and of solving problems. Both disciplines equip students with effective means for investigating, interpreting, explaining and making sense of the world in which they live.

By studying Mathematics and Statistics, students develop the ability to think creatively, critically, strategically and logically. They learn to structure and to organise, to carry out procedures flexibly and accurately, to process and communicate information, and to enjoy intellectual challenge. This subject teaches them to create models and predict outcomes, to conjecture, to justify and verify and to seek patterns and generalisations. Students learn to estimate using reason, calculate with precision and understand when results are precise and when they must be interpreted with uncertainty.

Mathematics and Statistics offer a broad range of practical applications in everyday life, in other learning areas and in workplaces. Success in Mathematics will provide students with greater choice for future study and career options.

Mathematics Department Staff
Mrs Nik Budd-Clement Head of Department 

Mrs Anne Kelly-Lim Joint Asst Head of Department 

Mr Murray Elgar Joint Asst Head of Department

Mr Hugo Bower  

Mr Vikash Chand 
Mrs Louise Hurley 

Mrs Tulah Katene

Mr Virendra Prasad 

Ms Rachel Williams