Helping Hands

Parent Teacher Association

The Hawera High School PTA is a small, friendly group of like-minded parents who bring talents and interests together for the benefit of our students and school, and to build joint relationships between teachers, students and parents in a relaxed environment. 

We are supported by the Principal and a small group of senior teachers who attend our meetings, and report on school happenings. 

The AGM of this association is held in April, at which the association’s officers are elected. Committee Meetings take place on the second Tuesday of each month from February to October. 

Our PTA Committee organises small events to help provide EXTRAS for our students. Recent years’ fundraising has provided new picnic tables for the new grassed area, smart boards, projectors for classrooms, outdoor wooden games and outdoor recycling bins.

  • We provide refreshments at Introduction Evenings or special events 

  • General fundraising activities 

PTA Committee

Elected Roles

Rachel Williams - Principal

Simon Walton - President

Anna Goulter - Treasurer

Stephanie Phillips - Secretary

Committee Members

Pauline Hurley, Peter Mihaljevich, Erica Strand, Lisa Tippett, Cassandra Wilkinson, Brenda Rowe, Monica Uncles

Fundraising for our School

In recent years our fundraising has provided new Sound and Lighting Systems for the School Hall, Smart Boards & Projectors for Classrooms, curtains for the School Hall and Outdoor Recycling Bins.

Most recently we have provided picnic tables for the new school green area and giant wooden games for students to play at breaktimes.