Technology at Hawera High School consists of a number of technological disciplines, including Digital Technology, Food Technology, Material Technology (Textiles and Construction) and Design and Visual Communication. The aim is that teaching and learning aligns clearly with the three strands of Technological Practice, the Nature of Technology and Technological Knowledge and supports the general development of a student’s technological literacy.

Year 9 Technology

Students study a compulsory programme of Technology involving a rotation of the four areas below for the whole year.
•    Technology: Construction
•    Technology: Digital
•    Technology: Food 
•    Technology: Textiles

Year 10 Technology

Technology is not compulsory in Year 10 but students can opt to study more than one area of Technology with appropriate guidance and pathway planning. The Year 10 programmes endeavour to:
•    Continue to develop and extend skills taught in Year 9 
•    Prepare students for NCEA Technological studies

Senior Technology

There are six NCEA pathways in Technology at Hawera High School that can lead to university or trade skills for pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programmes. These are:
•    Construction Technology 
•    Design and Visual Communication 
•    Digital Animation and Computing 
•    Digital Media

•    Digital Film
•    Food Technology and Hospitality
•    Textiles Technology

Technology Department Staff
Mrs Carolyn Miles - Head of Department Digital Technologies 

Mr John Roy - Head of Department Hard Materials, Teacher in Charge of DVC / Outdoor Recreation 

Ms Koren Miller - Head of  Food Technology & Textiles

Miss Eleanor Batten

Mr Micheal Self

Mr Phillip Parkinson

Miss Pauline Hurley

Mrs Helen De'Arth

Tania Ormond - Department Technician