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Drama students will develop their understanding of the processes used to create, rehearse, and perform drama. The course will cover aspects of drama production, devising and writing scripts, rehearsal and performance, as well as back stage work and theatre technologies. Students will also study historical theatre, reading and performing work from famous playwrights. 


Drama students will develop their confidence in their ability to present and speak in public situations. They will also be able to work in groups, communicating effectively and developing plans. The organisation skills gained through studying Drama are easily transferable to many different situations.


The work in class will develop into class performances at the junior level and be used for assessment in internal examinations at the senior level. All students will work in groups for assessments and will learn valuable organisation and leadership skills. Drama students must be committed to rehearsals outside of class time if they are to achieve all of the available internal assessment credits in NCEA.  

Drama Department Staff

Mrs Alison Wright - Head of Department














The Music Department offers a wide range of musical opportunity for all students with Music classes from Year 9 through to Year 13. There are also a number of performing opportunities available in competitions and events in and outside of school. Many of our students leave Hawera High School as very competent musicians and singers having developed their skills under the tutelage of our quality instrumental and vocal teachers.

Music Department Staff
Mr Shaun Campbell Head of Department

Mr Robert Greenfield Itinerant Music Teacher

Mr Peter Jefferies Itinerant Music Teacher   

Mr Graeme White Itinerant Music Teacher

Mr Robin Wells Itinerant Music Teacher




From Year 9 to Year 13, students can choose Art with painting and photography offered at Year 12 and Year 13. Students become increasingly literate in the Visual Arts as they learn from example, practise ways of working, and explore and reflect on the conceptual, perceptual and practical processes of art making. 

Students learn in, through and about the various forms and processes of the Visual Arts through practical work and a study of others’ Art. They learn to make images, to source and develop ideas, and to communicate and interpret meaning. They come to understand visual artworks as social and historical texts as they investigate the contexts in which the visual arts are made, used and valued. 

Visual Arts Department Staff

Ms Angela McAlpine, Head of Department

Miss Eleanor Batten

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