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School Motto
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Kia Kaha Te Awhina

Kia Kaha Te Awhina is Maori for the Hawera High School motto:

Strength through caring

Strength Through Service

Infirmioribus, Succurrendo, Fortior is the Latin translation which was our original Hawera High School motto: Strength Through Service 



School Values





Be Ready 


School Song

We laud our glorious mountain,
Its cap of glistening snow,
Its skirts of native beauty,
The green fields far below.

We laud the school that nurtures us,
Her worth with pride proclaim;
We honour those who near and far,
Add lustre to her name.

Then sing our grand school motto,
Its fullest meaning seek
That we ourselves grow strong and wise, 
In service to the weak.

In all our games and pastimes
Our motto is a guide,
For strength must often brutal be
Without this better side.
Show courtesy to those who lose;
Unfair advantage spurn,
The thrill of contest is our joy,
Not how the fortunes turn.


And when at last we leave to face 
The world with aspect brave
We’ll take from her a richer gift
Than text books ever gave;
To help to make a better world,
To lift and not to lean,
To look above and laugh and strive,
And keep our record clean.